Native Hawaiian Education Council

The Native Hawaiian Education Council (NHEC) recently published a news article featuring our programs on their front page, “PID Foundation Stays True to Hawaiian Values While Pioneering Innovative Programs”.  …Partners in Development Foundation has expanded to encompass a more holistic view of the health of Hawaiian communities, supporting a variety of programs ranging from social… Continue reading Native Hawaiian Education Council

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Partners Working for You

Since 1997, Partners in Development Foundation (PIDF) has been dedicated to drawing upon the ancient Hawaiian cultural traditions to meet the current challenges facing today’s Hawaiian population. Using vital traditional concepts such as the ahupua‘a system of land and environmental stewardship, and ho‘ona‘auao, traditional mentorship in education, PIDF creates and implements programs to address the needs of at-risk groups within the Hawaiian community, such as preschool children, their caregivers, and economically depressed neighborhoods.